Manufactured Products

Calf Shelters


In 2015, I started my calf shelter design which includes a walk-thru door, swinging gate, lifting bar, air vents, and sky lights. When I was designing this shelter, there didn’t appear to be another shelter on the market that had these elements. In early 2017, I started advertising my new design and sold my first production shelter in February 2017. I spent time researching design options, even contacting several veterinarians and a local collegiate animal science department to discuss the difference in front entry vs. end entry for calves. Based on my research my current design, which is patented, includes:

  • A front entry design that allows airflow to distribute more evenly inside the shelter, which keeps a more even temperature throughout.
  • A walk-thru door provides easy access to check or treat calves, and spread straw.
  • The swinging gate will close for catching calves, or keeping them out come spring.
  • The lifting bar makes it easy to pick up and relocate with a bucket from either side.
  • The shelter is ventilated to allow air flow which helps keep it dry, helping to prevent bacteria from growing.
  • Skylights help light up the shelter to keep it warm and dry.

These shelters are being delivered to South Dakota’s neighboring states. To legally transport them, I’ve designed them 8’6″ wide and in 12’, 24’, or 32’ lengths, all which will fit on a gooseneck or semi-trailer. Shelters are 8’2″ tall to the top of the lifting bar and have a 31.5″ tall opening for calves to get in. I have also designed custom sized shelters based on the customer’s needs, including some for goat and pig operations, and another as a chicken coop.

  • 12′ Shelter – 4′ flip up gate and weighs about 1100 lbs.
  • 24′ Shelter – 8′ flip up gate and weighs about 1900 lbs.
  • 32′ Shelter – 8′ flip up gate and weighs about 2300 lbs.

Portable Windbreaks

Portable Windbreak

Patented design allows you to rotate the legs without removing them. Legs are fastened to the windbreak so they will not fall out. Simply loosen a bolt, pull a pin, and spin the leg. Panels can be lifted with a bucket or through the center with forks to gain extra height for clearing posts and fences. My panels come fully assembled and can be set up in 90 seconds by one person. The heavy frame is constructed of all new 3″x2″ rectangular steel tubing that gives these panels the strength to hold up to 70 mph winds. Stacker plates are placed in each corner to keep you and everyone on the road safe during transport. My 24′ calf shelter has been designed to fit inside these stacker plates so it won’t slide when stacked on top of the windbreak panels. A 50′ drop deck semi-trailer can haul 44 panels in one trip.

  • 24’ long x 8’6” tall
  • Average weight: 940 lbs
  • Frame is constructed out of 2″x3″x11ga & 2″x3″x3/16″ Rect Tube
  • Legs are 12’6” long made of 3″ Sch40 well pipe and weigh over 100 lbs each
  • 5″ gap between sheets to allow wind to pass through

Portable Windbreak with Shade Kit


Get your livestock out of the heat during the hot summer months with my patented design windbreak with sun shade kit. These can be turned from a windbreak to a shade by one person in under 2 minutes with no tools and no hardware to carry around or store when not being used. The shade legs are attached to the back of the panel and are easily set up by pulling a pin, swinging the leg down, and replacing the pin. One panel creates a 24′ x 8′ shaded area.

  • 24’ long x 6’9″ off the ground in the shade position
  • Average weight: 1020 lbs
  • Frame is constructed out of 2″x3″x11ga & 2″x3″x3/16″ Rect Tube
  • Legs are 13′ long made of 3″ Sch40 well pipe and weigh over 100 lbs each

Freestanding Panels


24′ and 30′ freestanding panels can easily be moved for making corrals, calving pens, or for dividing yards. Vertical pipe is sandblasted to make a cleaner surface for welding on and they are also cut on a laser tube cutter for more accurate parts. Panels are made in a jig to ensure they’re all built the same.

  • Panels are 5’9″ tall and stand 10″ off the ground.
  • 2-7/8″ wellpipe is used to make the main frame and vertical uprights.
  • Five 1″ sucker rod are slid through the wellpipe for a stronger panel. Rod is welded at both ends.
  • Sucker rods are spaced accordingly to help prevent calves from clawing through the bottom.
  • 5′ arched or flat legs made from 2-7/8″ wellpipe. Legs can be welded on or made to swivel.
  • Two 3′ chains at one end and 4 slotted chain loop gussets in each corner.
  • 24′ panels weigh about 820 lbs and the 30′ panels weigh about 960 lbs.
  • Internal gates can be hung to make it easier for getting in and out of pens.
  • 6′-16′ swinging gates can be hung on the ends. Gate hinge is designed so the gate can lay flat against the panel on one side and swing 90 degrees on the other.
  • A 50′ drop deck semi-trailer can haul 55 24′ freestanding panels with the swivel legs.

Freestanding Creep Panel


This panel was designed in 2018 to sit in front of my calf shelter to keep the cows away from the opening. It allows you to create an area with clean straw for your calves to lay on so they’re not cooped up the shelter all day. The less time your calves spend the in the shelter, the less time you spend bedding it. Add a bale of hay, a lick tub, mineral block, or anything else you want your calves to have while keeping the cows away. Adjustable height bar will regulate which calves you allow inside. This panel can be easily set in front of any barn to turn it into a calf shed and keep the cows out if you know a big snow storm is coming. Swinging gates can be added to either side or use our freestanding panels to create larger area. A 12′ drop down gate can also be added for catching calves.

  • 24′ Panel weighs about 785 lbs.
  • Legs are 6′ long made out of 3.5″ wellpipe
  • Vertical tubes are 16″ apart
  • 12′ drop down gate available

Continuous Fence Panels


20′ panels are built out of 1.25″-14ga round tubing and 5/8″ solid rod for the uprights. The rod is cut on a band saw to prevent sharp edges that can appear when being sheared with a blade. We build panels for pigs, sheep, goats, cattle, horses, buffalo, and everything in between. All the steel going into these panels is made in the USA. Heavier panels can be made with either a heavier wall or a larger tube diameter. Custom panels are available upon request. Clamps and splicers included.

Standard panels:

  • 4 bar – 48″ x 20′
  • 5 bar – 38.5″ x 20′
  • 5 bar – 48″ x 20′
  • 6 bar – 48″ x 20′
  • 7 bar – 60″ x 20′
  • 8 bar – 48″ x 20′ – The bottom 5 tubes have a 4″ gap between them for smaller animals. (See photo)